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tag rugby (n.): a non-contact, simplified form or rugby in which the removal of a tag attached to the ball carrier constitutes a tackle, often played as a training... (see Oxford Dictionary).

tat (v.): transitive. To mark (a person, part of the body) with a tattoo: = tattoo. Usually in passive. Also with "up".

tatted (adj.): that has been tattooed; having a tattoo or tattoos. also in "tatted-up".

TBH: an abbreviation for "to be honest." TBH is frequently used in social media and text messaging.

tea-bag (v.): transitive. To make tea bags by putting tea, herbs etc. into small porous sachets.

teabagger (n.): a machine that makes tea bags; a company that makes or sells tea bags.

tender (n.): a tender cut of meat, esp. a tenderloin.

teraflop: a unit of measure for the calculating speed of a computer equal to one trillion. The flop in teraflop stands for “floating-point operation”; tera- means “trillion.” Fast computer speed makes for quicker computer response and better graphics for video games.

terraform (v): to transform (a planet, moon, etc.) so that it is suitable for supporting human life.

they (pro.): used with reference to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond to conventional sex and gender distinctions, and who has typically asked to be referred to as "they" (rather than as "he" or "she"). i.e. : some transgender people, some queer people, most non-binary people often prefer the genderless, neutral, singular they rather than he or she (and it’s concomitant pronouns his/her, him/her, his self /herself).

theonomous (adj): Ruled, governed by, or subject to the authority of God.

thirstry (adj): Showing a strong desire for attention, approval, or publicity.

titer: a measure of the concentration of a substance (such as an antibody) in a blood sample that is obtained by subjecting the sample to serial dilutions (as with saline) to determine the maximum dilution at which the sample retains a specific activity (such as neutralizing an antigen) and that is often expressed as a ratio (such as 1:200).

title bar (n): A horizontal bar at the top of a program window, used to display information such as the name of the program in use, the file or web page that is active.

tokunbo (adj.): denoting an imported second-hand product, esp. a car.

top bin (n. and adv.): either of the top corners of the goal ; (also) a goal scored by kicking the ball into either of the top corners. 

topophilia (n): Love of, or emotional connection to, a particular place or physical environment.

truthiness (n): A seemingly truthful quality not supported by facts or evidence.


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