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farbrengen (n.): a Hasidic gathering, usually with eating, drinking, singing, and discussion of hasidic teachings, held especially on the Sabbath and other festivals.

farkakte (adj.): covered in excrement. Rare.

flag-off (n.): the moment at which a race, esp. a motor race, is flagged off; the start of a race. Now chiefly Indian English.

fletched (adj.): of an arrow: fitted with feathers or vanes. Frequently with a modifier, as feather fletched, high fletched, etc.

Foucauldian (adj. and n.): of, relating to, or characteristic of the ideas or works of the French philosopher and historian Michel Foucault.

franger (n.): a condom.

futzing (n.): ineffectual or trifling activity; messing about; tinkering. Chiefly with around.