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laksa (n.): in Peranakan cookery: any of various types of spicy noodle soup made with meat, vegetables, or fish. Also as a modifier, as in "laksa soup".

Lane cake (n.): a white layer cake of a type traditional in the southern United States, with a rich filling typically containing nuts, dried fruit and bourbon.

long hauler (n.): a person who experiences one or more long-term effects following initial improvement or recovery from a serious illness (such as COVID-19).

love bomb (n.): an effusive demonstration of approval or affection, esp. used as a form of psychological manipulation designed to gain a person's trust, loyalty, or... (Cf. Oxford Dictionary).

love-bomb (v.): transitive. To subject (a person) to an effusive demonstration of approval or affection, esp. as means to gain trust, loyalty, or compliance.