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Flagship Coaching  & Publishing Ltd. started life in 2014.

Based in Trearddur Bay on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey off the North coast of Wales G.B.

The two founders, Mike Webster and Mark Rosewarn had decided to put their skills towards the art of publishing.

A Song Before Christmas

Their first publication in 2014, "A SONG BEFORE BREAKFAST" (ISBN  978-0-9930-2740-6) is a  tale of a young PE teacher living and working in Wigan in the North of England. He  falls passionately in love with a French assistant who comes to spend a year working in the same school.

The couple lead a secret romance about which none of their fellow teachers is aware. They share the same house and everything looks bright for a more permanent future together. They plan to marry.

Unfortunately things don't quite turn out as planned and their relationship becomes a disaster.

The story is charming amusing and sad. It is based on fact and holds the reader's attention from beginning to end. The author, "Ian Wilkson", was born and brought up in Wigan. He has also had experience in teaching and describes in delightful and hilarious detail the unfolding of this beautiful love story...


From Teaching to Coaching

Their second publication is very different. Mark Rosewarn with a little help from Mike Webster decided to use their personal experience in training and coaching to write about coaching and its nearness to teaching.

The book could be used by anyone who wants to become a coach and would like to have a deeper understanding in order to go forward.

"From Teaching to Coaching" was published in 2017 (ISBN 978-0-9930274-1-3).


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